Home Design Tips for Seniors

Many times as we age we find that we are not capable of doing many of the things we did when we were younger. And, while this is disappointing it is even more so to need family and friends over all the time to help you out. Thankfully there are wheelchair lifts, vertical lifts, dumbwaiters, and residential elevators that can be installed in your home to make your life a lot easier and practically eliminate the need for others to help you. There is no need to feel helpless when there are plenty of ways to do things yourself.

If you have a two story home, and many of us do, then you will find it increasingly difficult to get up and down the stairs as you age. You may have arthritis or you may break a hip at some point. In other cases you may find yourself in a wheelchair. If this happens to you then don’t allow your condition to keep you confined on the first floor of your house. Instead, install a wheelchair lift that can carry you, wheelchair, and all, to the next level. Or, invest in a residential elevator that you just roll into and push the button to take you upstairs. This is an excellent investment for seniors because it allows them to get around their home, stay by themselves more, and do their daily chores and the like.

Those who are disabled and even bed ridden will appreciate a dumbwaiter. This mechanism will simply take food from one room in the house, usually the kitchen, to another room, most often the bedroom of the disabled. This makes life significantly easier on the caretaker and allows the disabled individuals some dignity, too.

Aging is never easy but if you anticipate some of the health problems or just difficulties of age early on you can avoid lots of hardships down the road. Installing a residential elevator will be helpful to you no matter what age you are but it will more than likely become indispensable as you age. Not to mention adding an elevator to your home will increase its overall value. Do a little research and you will quickly see that you will greatly benefit from an elevator in your home when you are a senior or disabled but you will also benefit significantly in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. Residential elevators are for anyone who has a two story or more homes so go ahead and look into making the change.