Ultimate Home Design Tip

My clients always say that I have weird ideas and imagination when it comes to my design and design concepts. I take it as a positive comment. Since I see them smiling widely as they say it which implies…they are satisfied with my work. Of course with the great help of my friends and trusted construction team. To be weird is to be different, a sense of uniqueness. There is only one way how I do it.

Make use of natural abundant materials that can be seen around the project site which they see as useless and are often untouched in one corner of storage areas.

We exercise our imagination and we make use of our creativity to the fullest when we make something extra ordinary result from using just the ordinary materials. We don’t have to buy everything. Sometimes, we can just roam around and collect materials in the surrounding of our homes.

In one of my projects, I saw that there are many flat stones and attractive colored ones right at the backyard of the project site. So instead of buying flat stones from a nearby town, I just commissioned two of my team laborers to get stones from there. We made use of it for the mini waterfalls design beside the rustic finished mini bar and entertainment room. Here’s another. Dr. Analie Romero has pile of uncut woods in her backyard which she intended to give to her neighbors for firewood. I have seen potential use of it as house and garden furniture. With the help of steel brush and a little polyurethane to coat it, we made a unique coffee table stand incorporating glass top above it, garden benches and chairs making use its natural curves as basis of the design.

Try to look at the beauty of nature and what it can contribute to your profession as an artist. Sometimes when we make use of it, we are not just saving money, we are also helping mother nature in general sense.

Right in your homes may be a pile of wood, dried leaves, unused boulders, old newspapers, old clothes, junked bottles. We can transform them into useful work of art.